Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Itinerary and Important Infos about Rome

So Guys, here I'll show you how I could manage my low-budget holiday in Rome for 8 days.
Destination: Roma - Lazio - Italy and Vatican.
My Journey was started in 09.07.2013 and ended in 16.07.2013
The most important thing to know which stuffes have to bring in our holiday is we should know about the local weather Forecast between a week. and It was 19 -29 Grad Celcius in Rome.
So I just prepared my summer clothes which are comfortable to use.

I take a few bucks from my bank accounts as Budget in amounts 250 € and it will be used to :
- flight ticket for round trip : 55,06 €
- Hostel in 6 days : 96,67 €
- tourist tax in 6 days : 12 €
- the rest budget :  86,27  in 8 days =>
so it means, I just could spend my money only 10,78 € a day.

Talking about my important traveling Stuffes  :
I was bringing my Camera DSLR ( 2 Batteries, 2 Memory card ), Tripod, spagheti from Lidl, biskuitss, laptop, etc.

For me personally, The Journey will be exciting if I do some Missions that I have to accomplish
So, here they are my Travelling Missions :
- To get nice story to my Blog, getting the actuall infos that I got some online sources and then I rewrite on my Blog, visiting all of planed spots, getting picts from listed spots, get to know with local people, and get to know the ad/disadvantages  of traveling to Rome.

Before I go to travel, I usually search much more infos about the Cities that I will visit it. getting more Infos can make my Holidays to be effective.

So, these are Important Infos that I have updated :
If you guys are Smartphone user, so You have to instal Tripadvisor to find more infos about best restaurant with low-budgeted foods, beautiful places with best rating from other tourists,best Hostel, etc.
  • Packing Tips :
- Women may wear a skirt to the Vatican as long as the knees are totally covered. and Make sure that your shoulders have to be covered
- Men have to wear long trousers, not shorts. This is the Regulation applied to most churches in Rome.
- Bring your Umbrella or Bring your best summer hat and weather-proof shoes
- Bring shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer with sun screen instead of large bottles in 100mls.
- Foot deodorant to minimize bad aroma from your foot or it can keep your foot dry and more comfortable.
  • How to Get there by Plane :
- Rome has two airports. The most widely used is Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino).
- The other airport, Ciampino Airport, is the airport which budget airlines use like Ryanair.
A bus service connects it to Termini Station. One-way journeys cost €6 with Terravision Bus.
  • How to Get around The City of Rome:
- On foot: The best way to get around Rome is on foot. the distance between one spot to other spots is not so extreem. we can reach easier on foot and enjoy the best view in every single corner of the city.
Most of the city's premier attractions within close proximity.
- By metro: Metro or Ubahn in Rome is more comfortable than UBahn in Germany. I amaze with its interior design. Rome's metro comprises of just two lines, although some stops are in particularly convenient locations, particularly in the Vatican.
  • Rome use the Time Zone of Central European Time (GMT+1), so it's like in Germany literaly
  • The Ellectricity : 220 Volts AC/50Hz. With 2-pin plug. it's same with Germany
  • Because Rome belongs to EU, so they also use Euro as their Currency

Managing Vacations and Flight with Ryanair

After that desire has gone from my habituality to scratch my blog to share infos for my reader and for my silent reader in the part of this crazy illusions world. Now it's already come back in this fucking hot summer time. Sitting comfortably with my laptop in a single small room  of my campus with the warm sunshine through the window making my day to be relax and enjoy to try share infos through my blog.
So, This time I would like to share a little bit my experiences in managing my vacations.

1. One of the most important things to do firstly planing is as soon as possible determining our destination where we wanna go.after that we have to take action to directly buying the ticket.
if the ticket has been bought, then we can go to the next step to prepare another important thing.

2. I usually make certain about my vacation budget. in my previous vacation I usually take 250 € budget to entirely vacation in a week so that I can arrange our holiday very well.
for example :
Budget : 250 €
- flight ticket for round trip : 55,06 €
- Hostel in 6 days : 96,67 €
- tourist tax in 6 days : 12 €
- limited budget :  86,27  in 8 days => 10,78 € a day
So, Controlling our financial is also important in order not to over budget.

3. The next step I usually did is as soon as possible booking the ticket and then doing online Checking.
especially if you use Ryanair airline. You can do on line checking 15 days before departure and at the latest 4 Hours before deaprture. because if you late to do online checking you have to provide more bucks from your own wallet to pay this in airport.

4. And After online checking has been done, you have to immediately print out your boarding pass. and it usually will be sent via Email. Save your boarding pass with your travel docs like passport in the space of your travel bag.

5. Make sure you have known where you will stay there. If you have not known yet, as quick as possible look for the hotel or Hostel. and make sure that you choice the hostel near the city.
Don't forget check all infos about your Hostel ratings especially its testimonials from other tourists have stayed there and.
Don't forget to know the check-in Time and check-out time of your hostel in order to easier managing your plan with low-budgeted vacations.
Booking your Hostel to ensure that you have been clearly where to stay there.
Let the hostel owner know when you will come.

6. Don't forget to know how to get transport from Airport to the city.
Check the airport location whether it's so far from the city, whether we can reach on foot, and how much the transport cost from there.

7. The next important thing to do before you will do go to outside your country is to print out all of your travel docs like Passport, and Visa and boarding pass in order that if it might be the worst possible will be happen in your vacations you can show your Id to the police or it can help you to manage your lost docs in your embassy. and it can give the enlightment to the officer to solve your problems about travel docs.

8. Finally, arranging our vacation Agenda or our itinerary in our planed vacations in order not to miss some special things that we have to visit or to do there. Maximize your time there with manage your time and your budget so that you can get clearly well-managed exciting holidays there.

After we've planed our Holiday. Here and Now I will get you to know which stuffes I brought in my vacations with Ryanair. Flight with Ryanair we are just allowed to bring one cabin bag max 10 kg with amximum dimensions of (55 x 40 x 20 cm) is permitted. Handbag, Briefcase, laptop, Shop purchases, Cameras, ety have to be carried within our one cabin bag. Oversized cabin baggage will be refused at the boarding gate.

So, it make we have to think to bring the important things on the plane.
I was bringing:
- Camera DSLR, Tripod, biskuitss, bottle, Clothes, Laptop,etc.
Oh ya, it better for you guys to check the weather of its country to ease you think which clothes have to be brought there.

Ryanair allow you to bring your own food onboard, however, hot drinks cannot be carried on board.

However EU aviation security regulations only permit containers of 100 mls of liquids, gels, pastes, lotions, and cosmetics to be brought through the passenger security screening points at all EU Airports.
Liquid items have to be presented at the passenger security screening point in a transparent re-sealable bag, which itself must not exceed 1 Litre in capacity (approximately 20cmx20cm)

Yeah. . Sometimes Flight with Ryanair will be sucks if it is your first experience without enough infos, but it will be very worthed  and comfortable because of low budget airlines.
But Sofar I don't have any complain with this airlines even I always use this airlines if I wanna go holiday and I am always satisfied.
Next time I will write about my  itinerary in Rome. .

So, Have a nice Day guys and Cheers !
from Bremen Germany with warm summer sunshine that stab the hard mirror.   .
Thanks for reading Brother and Sister !!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Being Healthy with Bananas

This morning, Visiting foreigners' registration office for 3rd times without nothing I really seem like a sucker. As started with my first visit was not success
because I arrived too late, whereas I actually have been waiting for 3 hours and the results was nothing. .
Furthermore, in my second visit I hoped I will be success but I did a small mistake namely I've forgotten to bring my overview of grades during 5 semester as required to extent my visa when someone has been studying in University for more than  3 Semester.
Absolutely I was being a sucker for the second times. .
And Today being my third effort, Hopefully I will get it. Waiting for 3 hours in the dark cold morning at 06.30 with the temperatur under 10 degree of celcius, I was standing in front of the door's foreign office, I bring my laptop to write blog and PSP to playing FIFA 2010 with my thick jacket I've already been waiting for 3 hours here, and If there is paparazi there, and if they take my picture. mybe in this situation I seem like an obdachlose (homeless person).  but I don't care about. The important thing is I get my visa asap today.

To fill my time with this shit I would like to share my reasons about why we do need more sport activities in our daily life, about the amazing of bananas according to my opinion and about why I have to change from the bad-organized habit for foods to well-organized habit for foods as diet programm.

Although people around me always are laughing for what I am doing now. .
because my body is not bulky enough but I wanna do diet programm. :D
According to my opinion, the diet programm is the programm where we eat more foods but absolutely with health foods.

For example : Normaly I was eating 3 times a day but now in my diet programm I eat 6 times a day.

  • At 7 O'clock drinking low fat milk with oatmeal or some eggs, 
  • 9 O'clock eating fruits and breads with nutella,
  • 12 O'clock eating boiled potatoes with meats and salad,
  • 15 O'clock eating fruits like bananas and milk
  • 18 O'clock eating spagheti with fish and eggs.
  • 21 O'clock drinking milk and bananas or apples.

and now I try to change my quota about consuming daily food with :
"eat before hungry, stop before satiety"

but at least, after 2 month I've been showing people around me, and they say, you look bulkier than previous months, So, I am so happy to hear somebody tell me that truth or lie, but  if that is right or maybe they just say that to make me happy . 
but because I usually think positive I purpose with the first words where they said you look a little bit more bulky. so that is. .:D

Because of that  story, Now I wanna share about this.
This what I'm doing started with my rice-cooker has been broken for the second times, so that I can't eat rice in my daily life. It's absolutely making me stress at the past, because previously, if I didn't add rice in my day, I wouldn't feel enough saturated with food. But positively I got the advantages from my broken rice-cooker for the second times.

At that first time when I was buying rice-cooker. I got some advices from my indonesia friends that they say, Don't buy rice cooker in Germany because of its bad quality. Because I don't easy trust with people before I try. so I try. .I bought rice-cooker in Germany and it's just hold out for 9 month. so, I directly told my mother and father to send me the rice cooker from indonesia asap. .because my first rice-cooker from indonesia was able to be used till 3 year. Therewith I don't believe anymore with the quality of made-in German rice cooker products in German stores. Nevertheless for any other product outside rice-cooker I believe in German product in high quality.but sorry for their rice-cooker products I should honestly say No. .

So, my first reason to come back with doing more sport came  from my broken rice-cooker as I explained above.  Because of its, I am forced to eating breads, spagheti, or potatoes which are better carbohydrate foods compared with rice where it is very bad and it can have impact badly to the persons who have diabetes in their blood.

The second reason was because of the fearness about diabetes. Since I was young I ve got several infos about the bad impact in our body.

And the third reason, because I have been willingly drinking normal wasser without sugar since I was in 15 years old. And when I was in indonesia, sometimes I was thinking how people can get the real taste of tea or coffee if they always add more sugar in their cup of tea or coffee.It seems like to make some food. if we add much more sugar to our food it can make its taste being badly.Fortunetely, While I live in Germany, I get free normal water alias water from the tap.and Especially the tap water in Bremen-Germany can be directly well-consumed or drinkable.but when I was staying in Berlin, its tap water has the bad taste, I had to boil before I consume.

Having more free times in this fifth semester have been my fourth reason doing more sport like as I was in senior high school.

and for the last reason, because of my previously environment including my mother and father had educated me how to live healthy . .
I saw they cared about their healthy so I care with healthy too. They consumed healthy foods in their daily life, so it automaticaly influences me as their son. And it can be analogized if many countries did well for their citizens, it can be the prosperity of the country can be equal. The poverty rate will be automaticaly reducing because of rising the health rate of its citizens . .
So, it's all begun from ourselves. .
Well, the stupid problem is I am always too late realizing about those all occasionally that they were educating me in good things. .

Now if we're talking about food, I am being hungry now. .
but I will tell you in my last minute about the truth what I feel when I consume banana. .
Honestly, I prefer to consume bananas than any other fruits. And if you know the banana has much more advantages for our healthy.
For me personally, after I have eaten bananas, I get more energy for my daily routines, and get more power to thinking about.
Moreover when I am usually in exam situation where we use our brain with the best performance.
Eating some bananas can help me to give a power to my brain to thinking. .
It is maybe because I can't thinking if I get hungry. . .:D
but absolutely my brain is not located in my stomach. .
The facts of bananas contain vitamin B and B6 which can help us to increase our moods and can help us to avoid stress in whole lectures that we don't understand.

And my feeling  always say it can be increasing my happiness from happy to be happier I usually bring bananas to campus to avoid brain error when the lectures begins. :D 
Or perhaps, sometime banana can help avoiding the human error in their life. :D

So thanks for reading, hopefully you get something after reading my quite simply and chaotic note . .:)